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October 31 – November 3, 2022

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BASF Process Catalysts at ADIPEC 2022

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Join the ADIPEC 2022 Downstream Technical Conference & the presentation of Manish Mehta, Technology Manager, BASF Catalyst Division:

Adsorption based dehydration technology for captured CO2 (Session title: Accelerating decarbonization through practical CCUS solutions)

When: Tuesday, November 1
Time: 11:30 - 13:20

BASF Refinery Map

For over 50 years, BASF has been pioneering innovative FCC catalysts, chemical catalysts, and adsorbents for refinery applications. Get an overview of our products and solutions along the value chain.

We enable sustainability

Climate change is a major challenge for our industries. Check out our sustainability solutions and take a closer look at our Blue and Green Maps.

BASF Catalysts | Refinery

Refinery Catalysts

BASF is a pioneer in innovative catalysts for the petroleum refining industry. Whatever your refinery’s specific needs, BASF can provide a catalyst solution to meet them. Our FCC Catalysts provide the main catalytic cracking power in the unit and need to be optimized per feedstock and desired output. Providing tailored FCC solutions for various feedstocks as well as options for refineries that want feed flexibility, BASF catalysts coupled with our technical expertise provide sustainable solutions for all FCC units.

FCC Catalysts & Additives

We provide FCC innovations to maximize production of highly valued petrochemicals and fuels for your unit’s unique needs.

BASF introduces Enable™ FCC additive for superior performance in emissions and regenerator afterburn control


Next generation Fluid Catalytic Cracking Catalyst Performance for butylenes maximization over propylene.


Innovative Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Catalyst for butylenes maximization Fourte maximizes butylenes production in the FCCU and increases gasoline octane while preserving catalyst activity.


Valor® is BASF latest vanadium trapping technology.

ZIP Olefins Additive

ZSM-5-based olefins additive to increase propylene selectivity and yields

BASF Catalysts | Visual Tanker

Chemical Catalysts and Adsorbents

Exceptional catalyst technology begins with our customers. BASF has global catalyst R&D and technical service staff around the world to provide you with immediate, local attention. By working closely together to establish your needs and objectives, we provide the right catalysts to fit your process.

We use over a century of experience in the catalysts industry to deliver world-class expertise, precious metals supply, and full-loop management services, meaning we can also help you recover precious metals from spent catalysts. Our work ensures you always get the best possible efficiency, performance and value.

Overview BASF Catalysts and Adsorbents

As the global leader in chemical catalysts, BASF develops cutting-edge catalyst chemistry with our customers’ needs in mind.

Solutions for integrated refineries

BASF is a leading supplier of adsorbents for olefin purification, sulfur recovery, sulfur and chloride guard beds and catalysts for selective hydrogenations.

Durasorb - Natural Gas Treatment

We have a diverse portfolio of products to custom design a solution and help you meet your Natural Gas treatment needs.

Styrene Catalysts

With our strong commitment to the styrene monomer production process and ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalysts, we deliver solutions that consistently meet and surpass customer expectations.

Sulfuric Acid Catalysts

BASF designs catalysts for maximum performance. The large surface area of our sulfuric acid catalysts delivers an unrivaled SO2 emission profile.

Product Finder

Check out our chemical catalysts products and solutions. Our diverse portfolio can be found below.

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