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Cathode materials, e-mobility, next-generation technology solutions. Anwendungsspezifische Kathodenmaterialien von BASF sorgen dafür, dass Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für Elektrofahrzeuge über eine hohe Energiedichte, Sicherheit und Effizienz verfügen.

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Durasorb™ Dehy copy

Durasorb HRU removes BTX and Heavy Hydrocarbons for LNG Pre-Treatment

Durasorb HRU is specifically designed for the removal of aromatic hydrocarbons (BTX) and heavy hydrocarbons from lean gas feeds in LNG pre-treatment. It provides a 30 percent increase in capacity for BTX components, allowing for the effective removal of BTX to less than 1ppm without compromising unit efficiency.

Durasorb HRU technology relies on propriety design software and decades of experience from natural gas experts. BASF experts utilize the combination bed approach and the broad portfolio of Durasorb products to optimize bed layout and performance. Durasorb HRU bed consists of products specifically designed to remove BTX and heavy hydrocarbons.

Improved Adsorbent Capacity Reduces Project Costs

Newly developed materials allow for a 30% reduction in project footprint by reducing bed size or number of beds required to meet specifications.

Support and Services

BASF supports its customers in the design and operation of gas treatment plants by providing process design and engineering support and a range of technical services such as debottlenecking and process optimization, troubleshooting and revamps, analytics, and training. BASF offers tailored solutions and simulations to address specific gas feeds and compositions. Designs are optimized to consider CapEx and OpEx priorities of our customers.