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Cathode materials, e-mobility, next-generation technology solutions. Anwendungsspezifische Kathodenmaterialien von BASF sorgen dafür, dass Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für Elektrofahrzeuge über eine hohe Energiedichte, Sicherheit und Effizienz verfügen.

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Durasorb™ Dehy copy

Durasorb HG is a high capacity, robust mercury adsorbent designed to operate in the harshest conditions

Durasorb HG is a sulfided metal oxide adsorbent installed upstream in the LNG pre-treatment train to protect downstream equipment and materials from mercury contamination.

Durasorb HG has improved capacity and fast kinetics due to the optimal pore distribution, which allows fast diffusion of mercury into the core of the sphere.

Mercury Penetration


Durasorb™ HG

Lab test results show the unmatched material integrity of Durasorb HG.

Durasorb HG is easily removed from the vessel at the end of life due to material robustness. No loss of crush strength or fines generation in the presence of liquid water means no caking, no extreme techniques required for removal.

Water Soaking Test: Durasorb HG was soaked in water at 80°C for 3 weeks, with no loss of crush strength over time.

Cyclic Reflux Test: Sample is repeatedly exposed to water at 150°C, then removed from the oven to monitor fines generation. Under extreme conditions, no fines were generated.

Hydrocarbon Soaking Test: Durasorb HG does not lose capacity in the presence of hydrocarbons. Compared to the benchmark sample, the soaked sample displace identical performance.


BASF offers an unsulfided and sulfided mercury removal product. The unsulfided product, which will be sulfided in situ with feed gas, is called Durasorb HG. The sulfided product is called Durasorb HGS. Please see product datasheet below for more information.

Durasorb Datasheets

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BASF supports its customers in the design and operation of gas treatment plants by providing process design and engineering support and a range of technical services such as debottlenecking and process optimization, troubleshooting and revamps, analytics, and training. BASF offers tailored solutions and simulations to address specific gas feeds and compositions. Designs are optimized to consider CapEx and OpEx priorities of our customers.