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Cathode materials, e-mobility, next-generation technology solutions. Anwendungsspezifische Kathodenmaterialien von BASF sorgen dafür, dass Lithium-Ionen-Batterien für Elektrofahrzeuge über eine hohe Energiedichte, Sicherheit und Effizienz verfügen.

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Selective Catalytic NOx Reduction (DeNOx) & DeDioxine Abatement copy

BASF offers catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx from stationary source gases. The DeNOx process was developed by BASF in the 60's and the V2O5 catalyst was developed in the 70's. With the development of the dioxin catalyst, we have focused attention on a combination of DeNOx and dioxin catalysts for waste incineration plants as a major source of emissions. It is the only process in which pollutants are destroyed without giving rise to any residues which require disposal.

DeNOx Abatement

Reduce harmful emissions from nitric acid plants.

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The catalysts are used for but not limited to the following applications:

  • Power plants (coal, oil, gas, biomass)
  • Gas turbines
  • Gas and diesel engines
  • Waste incineration plants (municipal waste, hazardous waste, clinical waste)
  • Ship diesel
  • Railroad engines
  • Glass trough
  • FCC units in refineries
  • Steam crackers
  • Steel mills
  • Calcination plants
  • Nitric acid plants
  • Cement plants