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Cost Effective Upgrade for all Airbus A320 Series Ozone Converters Improving Flight Experience while Reducing Risk

Airlines increasingly are suffering flight delays and potential diversions due to cabin odor issues and fume events. These delays cost airlines money, inconvenience their customers and tarnish their image. BASF’s UpCore offering provides a cost-effective and sustainable technology upgrade for airlines to mitigate these issues: with our UpCore Service, we replace your current ozone-only catalyst core with our Airbus approved ozone-VOC* catalyst core.

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Airlines reduce the risks of flight delays due to cabin odor issues and fume events in a cost effective and easy-to-implement way and save costs of odor events from $10,000 to $150,000, guarantee passengers and crew a pleasant experience and strengthen their image.

Passengers and flight crew enjoy their stay in the airplane! Without unpleasant smells like petroleum or dirty socks, they will have a positive experience on-board, leave the plane more relaxed and spread the word to strengthen the airline’s positive image.

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