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Did you miss our webinars during this year’s virtual EPCA from October 5 - 7? Check out the recordings below. Simply enter in your email to view the recording.

BASF Catalysts | Bert Sandee

Dr. Bert Sandee

Technology Manager, Hydrogenation Catalysts, EMEA

BASF Catalysts | Dr Matthias Kern

Dr. Matthias Kern

Global Marketing Manager Nickel Catalysts

The one-stop-shop for hydrogenation – BASFs Copper and Nickel Portfolio for the Production of Oxo Alcohols

What was discussed:

  • What benefits does BASF offer?
  • Product offering & selection criteria
  • Show Cases – New developments and new fields of applications for oxo hydrogenation catalysts
  • Who are we – your global contacts
BASF Catalysts | Thomas Fenlon

Dr. Thomas Fenlon

Global Technology Manager Oxidation and Dehydrogenation Catalysts

O4-204: BASF’s New High-Performance Catalyst for the Oxidation of n-Butane to Maleic Anhydride

What was discussed:

  • BASF’s technical and commercial experience in catalysis for MA production
  • Recent Developments in BASF’s catalyst portfolio for n-butane oxidation
  • Benefits of O4-204 and commercial experience
  • Your global BASF contacts for MA catalysts
BASF Catalysts | Anton Wiebe

Dr. Anton Wiebe

Global Business Management, Hydrogenation & Specialty Catalysts

BASF Catalysts | Dr Matthias Kern

Dr. Matthias Kern

Global Marketing Manager, Nickel Catalysts

Striving for Innovation – BASF Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts for C3- C4- and Pygas streams

What was discussed:

  • Introduction of our new Selective Hydrogenation Catalyst portfolio
  • Our innovations drivers – Addressing sulfur-contaminated streams and steadily increasing precious metal prices
  • Closing the precious metal loop jointly with BASF
  • Who are we – your global contacts

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