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Active bed supports (ABS) are used to supplement alumina performance in adsorption applications. When used in place of inert media ABS can increase unit capacity while minimizing effects of liquid water, heavy hydrocarbons and aggressive chemicals. Inert bed supports, such as Tabular Alumina Balls, provide exceptional resistance to heat shock, mechanical shock and abrasion ensuring protection of the catalyst or desiccant bed under the process conditions.

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Active Bed Support

BASF Active Bed Supports (ABS) are uniform spheres of activated alumina produced by BASF's unique manufacturing process. Their primary use is for top and bottom bed support in adsorption units. The product can also be used in catalytic application where activated alumina is beneficial to the process.

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BASF T-162 Tabular Alumina Balls® are sintered alpha alumina with very high-purity. The alumina is form of pure aluminum oxide which has been fired at such high temperatures (well over 1900°C) that practically all porosity and shrinkage is removed. It is essentially 100 percent alpha alumina (corundum).

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