The Importance of PGM Recycling

Beyond the automotive sector, PGMs are used across a variety of other market sectors and utilized in a number of industrial applications.

The market will see recycling increase across a variety of PGM-laden spent materials, with the majority coming from automotive catalysts and e-scrap sources. Over the next 10 years, projected growth in PGM Recycling is forecasted to double the amount of recycled palladium versus platinum going back into the supply pipeline.

At BASF, we understand the increasing importance of PGM recycling and realize that the robust growth of this industry will be due to a variety factors such as global vehicle growth projections and sustainable cost drivers of the “take-back” economy. We are in a unique position to take advantage of this growth.

By being a long-term and high-quality supplier of PGMs, BASF is focused on empowering our customers to operate faster and more efficiently, with higher yields, and in a more environmentally-friendly way.

With 150 years of expertise, our diversified structure, core competencies, global network and continual investments in R&D are the linchpins for innovation and competitive differentiation that will help propel us and our customers to capture this opportunity.

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