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Widest portfolio of adsorbent technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. Catalytic converters for aircraft cabins and fuel inerting. Cathode materials, e-mobility, next-generation technology solutions. Air cleaners that help to improve indoor air quality. Solutions for the most challenging applications. BASF maintains significant diesel research and development facilities around the world. These facilities are being used to develop the technologies needed to meet the extremely low emission levels called for in new emissions regulations. As the global leader in mobile emissions catalysts, BASF has developed a number of specialized catalyst technologies. BASF offers a "full loop" of precious metals products & services. Catalysts for chemical, petrochemical, and refining industries. We offer precious metals supply and full-loop management services, including refining to recover precious metals from spent catalysts. The development of fuels and chemicals based on biological feedstocks is critical to a sustainable future and BASF is proud to provide the catalysts to support this industry. BASF has established itself as a front-runner in this field by becoming the global market leader for sodium methylate, the homogeneous catalyst used for biodiesel production. BASF catalyst technologies play a crucial role in the manufacture of a wide range of fine and specialty chemical products including flavor and fragrances, herbicides and pesticides, resins, pigments and dyestuffs, pharmaceuticals, and plastic and rubber additives. Chemistry plays an important role in the transformation of vegetable oils to products for our daily life. Catalysts are an indispensable tool to make this transformation possible. BASF offers more than 125 years of experience with oxidation catalysts. Each percent of catalyst selectivity advantage creates additional value and reduces COx emission. Solutions for power plants, process industries and more. BASF Catalysts has long been a leader in the development of highly active, robust and selective catalysts and related technologies for the destruction of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Thermocouples, pyrometers - insights for higher yields. Our contact temperature probes include high temperature thermocouples, platinum thermocouples, noble metal thermocouples, thermocouples for the glass industry, profile and spike thermocouples for diffusion furnaces, high temperature industrial thermocouples, furnace thermocouples, and high temperature thermocouple wire and cable. A specialty of BASF for many years is the glass thermocouple. We have grown with the industry and, as glass technology requirements have expanded and changed over the years. Offering excellent accuracy, resolution, repeatability, and stability, EXACTUS® optical pyrometer technology provides significant performance advantages in non-contact temperature measurement in a practical, rugged and user-friendly design.

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Precious Metal Catalysts for Selective Hydrogenations

BASF offers a comprehensive portfolio of precious metal fixed bed - and slurry phase catalysts. Our tailored catalyst solutions are aiming at maximum precious metal efficiency without compromises long-term performance and selectivity. Application focus of our broad catalyst portfolio is set in the Petrochemical- and Fine Chemical environment, where hydrogenation of single compounds or specific functional groups have to be performed with highest precision. Furthermore, BASF is a key player in precious metal handling allowing us to offer full-loop precious metal services to every customer.

Do you want to benefit from our latest innovations?

One of our newest developments, sulfur resistant selective hydrogenation catalysts, will set new standards in selective hydrogenation applications. We will also introduce our newest digital tool for Styrene catalysts.

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BASF Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts

+ 50 Years of Process Experience

in applying own selective hydrogenation technology at own Steamcrackers and other hydrogenation units.

+ 50 Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts

enable us to offer tailored solutions for each customer.

+ 100 Commercial References

in Steamcrackers- and Refineries. Multiple of these Selective- and Full hydrogenation units are licensed by BASF.

+ Success Factors

We continuously develop our comprehensive catalyst portfolio to deliver best-in-class catalytic performance for our customers. Since decades, BASF catalyst solutions are well recognized for their long-term stability even under challenging reaction conditions.

Why do I need Sulfur Resistant Hydrogenation Catalysts?

  • Increasing Sulfur contamination is an emerging issue for various petrochemical processes
  • Reactive sulfur species are catalyst poisons for Pd based Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts, suppressing activity and decreasing catalytic lifetime
  • Record high Palladium prices require highly efficient solutions for processing feeds with also at elevated sulfur levels
  • Especially in high boiling C5+ cuts, such as Pygas, various sulfur species tend to accumulate

BASF Selective Hydrogenation Catalysts

Steamcracker Example

New Ways to Improve the Poison Resistance

Higher Palladium Loadings improve the Hydrogenation Activity and therefore also the Poison tolerance of the catalyst.

With our new E 15x S series, sulfur resistance can be improved without additional invests into Palladium

Features and Properties: New Sulfur Resistant Catalysts

Wrap Up

  • New sulfur resistant E 15x S series from BASF enable processing of Steamcracker and Refineries feeds with high reactive sulfur content.
  • Expensive investments into highly loaded Palladium catalyst can be avoided by our new catalyst series
  • E 15x S catalayts are readily available in commercial scale

Precious Metals Services

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