Fluid Catalytic Cracking (FCC) Additives for petroleum refiners

Additives allow refiners to optimize product selectivities and cost-effectively reach environmental regulations without a large catalyst overhaul.

BASF works to help refiners access maximum unit performance through continuous innovations in petroleum refining. Our wide variety of FCC additives demonstrates BASF’s commitment to advancing refining technologies. We offer both performance-enhancing and environmental-compliance additives.

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Provides butylene selectivity and higher LPG yields


ZSM-5-based olefins additive to increase propylene selectivity and yields


Reduces FCC regenerator SOx emissions to meet air-quality limits

EZ Flow

Improves catalyst circulation with optimized particle size and bulk density


Base metal oxide formulation allows for low NOx promotion


Promotes CO oxidation to CO2 while maintaining high attrition resistance

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