NOxCat VNX & ZNX for Industrial Engines

From BASF Catalysts's NOxCat™ family, VNX™ and ZNX™ catalysts are designed for use in selective catalytic reduction catalyst(SCR catalyst) systems, which reduce emissions of NOx from industrial facilities. Both VNX and ZNX catalysts can reduce these ozone-forming emissions by up to 97%.

Each of BASF Catalysts's SCR catalysts "selectively" converts NOx into nitrogen and water.

Key characteristics of the VNX catalyst include:

  • Reduces NOx by up to 97%
  • Most effective at 550°F to 800°F (288°C to 427°C)
  • Highly active vanadia/titania catalytic coatings

A related product, NOxCat™ VNX-HT™ catalyst is designed for use in aeroderivative simple-cycle turbines. The operating conditions of these plants are much different than combined cycle plants. To deal with the higher temperature profile of this application, VNX-HT reaches optimum performance at 800°F to 850°F. The catalyst can also withstand the rapid increase in temperature during start-up and shutdown conditions in these turbines.

Key characteristics of the ZNX catalyst include:

  • Reduces NOx by up to 99%
  • Well suited for reciprocating engines and chemical process applications
  • Most effective at 675°F to 1075°F (357°C to 580°C)
  • Highly active zeolitic catalytic coatings

ZNX catalysts do not contain heavy metals, reducing disposal concerns.

A related product, NOxCat ETZ catalyst is based upon the ZNX catalyst technology, but includes several advancements that make this catalyst excellent for use in simple cycle power-generating turbines.