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VOCat catalysts convert hydrocarbons (HC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC) into carbon dioxide and water. They are exceptionally efficient and durable, leading often to lower operating costs than other technologies.

The VOCat family includes several individual catalyst products, including: 

  • 300S oxidation catalyst, a standard in the industry for controlling most of the VOCs from a wide variety of processes.
  • 5050L oxidation catalyst for economical VOC control in the absence of sulfur.
  • 300H oxidation catalyst, for use at lower temperatures and where more and varied VOC are present in exhaust gas streams.
  • 310 ST sulfur tolerant oxidation catalyst, which maintains high activity for VOC when there is a significant amount of sulfur in the exhaust gas stream. Other oxidation catalysts can be rendered inactive by the sulfur.
  • 350 HC oxidation catalyst for chlorinated hydrocarbons (CHC), which provides the full combination of activity, selectivity and stability needed for hard-to-oxidize CHCs.
  • 360 PFC oxidation catalyst for halogenated hydrocarbons, which can destroy both fluorinated and chlorinated VOCs.

Most VOCat catalysts are supported on ceramic honeycomb and all products feature:

  • Excellent adhesion for long durability
  • High temperature stability and thermal shock resistance
  • Low pressure drop
  • High strength