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VOCat 350 HC & 360 PFC

VOCat 350 HC and VOCat 360 PFC catalyst provides high activity, excellent selectivity and outstanding stability required for oxidizing halogenated hydrocarbons.

Chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons are emitted from a wide variety of industrial processes, as well as many soil remediation and ground water clean-up operations. BASF’s VOCat 350 HC catalyst has been used successfully for many years to destroy chlorinated hydrocarbons. BASF has now developed VOCat 360 PFCcatalyst to destroy both fluorinated and chlorinated VOC compounds. Unlike many other catalysts, VOCat 360 PFC provides high activity, excellent selectivity and outstanding stability required for oxidizing both fluorinated and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

The activity of VOCat 360 PFC is much higher than platinum and transition metal-based catalysts. This activity is exhibited over a wide range of chlorinated and fluorinated hydrocarbons, and especially when both are present in the same process stream. This makes VOCat 360 PFC ideal for most halogenated VOC process streams.