Widest portfolio of adsorbent technologies for a broad spectrum of applications. 巴斯夫正极活性材料产品组合具有能量密度高、安全性好和效能高的特性,并可根据应用的需要进行量身定制,助力电动汽车锂离子电池技术的发展。 Air cleaners that help to improve indoor air quality. Solutions for the most challenging applications.
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Our catalyst products are a vital and strategic part of process technology. Catalysis is a process in which the rate of a chemical reaction is increased by a specific catalyst offering. Each heterogeneous catalyst is specific to a given process and can be tailored to provide a given set of end results – speed of reaction or process, enhanced product attributes, and the selectivity of end products. Choosing the right catalyst for the process is a critical factor for success. Catalysts plays a crucial role in 90% of all commercially produced chemical products.

Customers are the heart of our business. Everyday we strive to help our customers become more successful. The very nature of our business lends itself to the creation and maintenance of customer relationships built on a foundation of trust and knowledge. When you need the right catalyst for the right reaction...trust BASF.

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