Customer-Tailored Solutions for Natural Gas Treatment

Durasorb is our innovation platform for the natural gas processing industry. Durasorb is a customer-tailored solution that combines superior adsorbents with BASF’s expert designs. The new technology uses proprietary design software to calculate the performance of the adsorbents in all parts of the vessel and maximize the overall performance and life of the bed. Based on design calculations, BASF natural gas experts choose the ideal combination of adsorbents out of the comprehensive BASF portfolio. The resulting installation ensures more efficient removal of contaminants and solves regeneration-reflux problems.

Customer-Tailored Solutions for Natural Gas Treatment

BASF Products for Natural Gas Treatment

BASF Natural Gas experts have a diverse portfolio of products to custom design a solution to meet your Natural Gas Treatment needs. Innovative products solve problems at the plant by removing impurities and providing reflux resistance to increase bedlife. Durasorb combined with OASE® Gas Treatment technology, provide the full LNG pre-treatment package.

Customized design combines BASF products into a single solution

Durasorb Dehy is the combination of two BASF products into a single solution to capitalize on the benefits from each product

  • Durasorb HD (High Durability): water resistant adsorbent
  • Durasorb HR (High Resistant): reflux resistant molecular sieve

Innovative technology in both the HD and HR layers provide benefits to the plant

  • Extended bedlife
  • Reduced coking
  • Elimination of hydrothermal damage

Durasorb HD is 100 % resistant to liquid water and maintains mechanical stability even in liquid water carryover conditions.

Innovative Technology Solves the Regeneration Reflux Problem

Durasorb HD is resistant to liquid water and maintains mechanical stability, increasing water uptake capacity, resulting in reduced bed size or higher gas throughput. Increased bed lifetime results in higher utilization.

Durasorb HR is developed to withstand harsh conditions found in fast-cycling dehydraters often seen in Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) applicaitons. This innovative material produces significantly less fines after 600 cycle test.

Support and Services

BASF supports its customers in the design and operation of gas treatment plants by providing process design and engineering support and a range of technical services such as debottlenecking and process optimization, troubleshooting and revamps, analytics, and training. BASF offers tailored solutions and simulations to address specific gas feeds and compositions. Designs are optimized to consider CapEx and OpEx priorities of our customers.

See how much you could save with Durasorb:

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Using Durasorb technology to extend bed life can eliminate turnarounds, saving significant maintenance costs. Durasorb reduces plant downtime and provides reliable production. Without Durasorb, unplanned maintenance and lost production can become costly.

Total Turnaround

* Loss of production is based on plant size and number of shutdown days