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PremAir® Catalysts

PremAir® Direct Ozone Reduction (DOR)

PremAir® is a patented catalyst coating that transforms ground level ozone, the main component of smog, into oxygen. As air flows over a vehicle’s coated radiator, PremAir® catalyzes the reaction that converts ozone into oxygen. This process capitalizes on the large volume of air that passes through a vehicle’s radiator.

PremAir® NXT Next Generation DOR

With PremAir® NXT, even smaller radiators for today’s downsized 4 cylinder engines can convert as much ozone to oxygen as larger radiators with standard PremAir®. This allows Automotive OEMs to earn the full emission credit for California LEV III and U.S. Tier 3 emission regulations.

PremAir® NXT delivers value through emission reduction credits

PremAir® NXT is a DOR technology which has been validated for 150,000 miles or 15 years. Tier 3 and LEV III have approved an emission reduction credit of 5 mg/mile for DOR technology. OEMs can leverage this tool in a number of ways to deliver value to manage their fleet average emissions requirements.

Optimize engine performance

PremAir® NXT credits are a cost-effective alternative solution to PGM (Platinum Group Metals) content in catalytic converters and can be used to maximize engine performance at a bin classification.

Reduce cost

As regulations demand more out of catalytic converters, additional PGM content can have decreasing emission control efficiency. PremAir® NXT credits can help optimize PGM performance to reduce total emission control costs.

Engineering Safety Factor for SULEV

Performance at low NMOG and NOx levels is difficult to measure for both fresh and aged catalyst performance; borderline TWC aging performance can introduce risk to an OEM. PremAir® NXT credits can be leveraged to increase the safety factor at a vehicle bin classification.

Managing fleet vehicle mix

LEV III and Tier 3 require OEMs to change their fleet percentage sales to meet the emission standards, so OEMs have to sell more SULEV vehicles while selling less ULEV 125 vehicles. High performance sedans and coupes as well as trucks and SUVs are often more profitable but meet higher emission bins. Utilizing PremAir® NXT credits can enable OEMs to mitigate the impact of new regulations on their vehicle mix.

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a molecule that consists of three oxygen atoms. Naturally-occurring ozone is formed miles above the earth in the stratosphere. This ozone layer is responsible for absorbing the sun’s harmful ultraviolet radiation. Unfortunately, the ozone at ground level is the major component of smog. This artificially created ozone is the cause of many adverse effects, such as irritation of and damage to lungs, eyes, noses and throats. Man-made ozone is produced by the oxidation of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) in the presence of direct sunlight. The main sources of NOx and VOC gases are mobile emissions, industrial factories, electrical plants, chemical solvents, and gasoline vapors.

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