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BASF announces new website for EXACTUS® optical temperature sensors

  • Customers can download software and access documentation on the site
  • Customized configurations and quotes can be requested directly through the website

BASF announced today that it has launched a new website for EXACTUS® optical temperature sensors at: The new site features downloadable software and documentation.

“The website provides a new level of convenience for customers,” said Jim Peterson, General Manager, Temperature Sensing business at BASF. “This makes it even easier to get the industry-leading performance of our EXACTUS® pyrometers for accuracy, repeatability, and stability.”

Originally designed for semiconductor temperature measurement applications, the EXACTUS® optical temperature sensors provide significant performance advantages in non-contact temperature measurement. Applications for EXACTUS® pyrometers include semiconductor, container glass, glass fiber pulling, plastics welding, industrial heating, laser and ultrasound medical technologies.

The new site also includes access to product drawings, user guides and BASF TemperaSure®. This graphical software gives the user the ability configure instrument settings, and to log temperature readings obtained from EXACTUS® pyrometers.

For over 60 years, BASF has supplied exceptionally high-quality temperature sensing products and calibration services to the semiconductor, glass, solar cell, gas turbine, chemical, crystal growth, heat treating, and bio-medical industries. Our emphasis is on providing precise temperature measurement to meet the demanding applications of our customers.

At BASF we create chemistry for a sustainable future and develop innovative solutions that ensure the long-term success of our customers.

EXACTUS and TemperaSure are trademarks of BASF
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