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Licensing Agreements

BASF is the only licensee of ANL’s prominent NCM cathode materials patents with the ability to grant sub-licenses. We are pursuing a sub-licensing strategy to other industry players so that NCM customers can be able to continue their business with the full respect to intellectual property and technology innovation, and end-users can benefit from this innovation. Customers may continue to use existing product platforms unimpeded through the supply from licensed suppliers

If you are interested in licensing our proprietary technology, please contact:

Michael A. Fetcenko
Director, Global Licensing, BASF Battery Materials
+1 (248) 293-7002

Original ANL NCM Licensees:

  • General Motors
  • LG Chem
  • Toda Kogyo
  • BASF


  • Umicore
  • Hunan Reshine
  • Pulead
  • L&F

Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) battery

As the inventor of the Nickel Metal-Hydride (NiMH) battery, we created a leading patent portfolio and continue to develop state-of-the-art technology.  BASF, through its Ovonic battery materials affiliate, has established licensing agreements and other strategic alliances with major companies around the world. The following is a partial list of the companies licensed under our enabling proprietary NiMH battery technology and lithium-ion cathode materials and manufacturing process agreements.


  • ARTS Energy Rare Earth Ovonic
  • Canon
  • Cobasys
  • Daido Steel
  • Energizer Sanyo Electric Co.
  • DK Shenzhen EPT Battery Co., Ltd.
  • Furukawa
  • G4 Synergetics
  • Gold Peak Batteries
  • GS-Yuasa
  • Guangzhou Great Power Energy & Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Harding Energy
  • Henan Huan Yu Group Co. Ltd.
  • Hitachi Maxell
  • Hyundai
  • J&Y Technologies Varta Microbattery
  • Kawasaki Heavy Industries
  • Lexel
  • McNair
  • Nan Ya Plastic
  • Panasonic – PEVE
  • Saft
  • Samsung
  • Sanoh
  • Shenzhen GREPOW Battery Co., Ltd.
  • Shenzhen High Power Tech Co.
  • Sichuan WKF New Energy
  • Sovlux Battery
  • TMK
  • Toshiba Battery
  • TWD Battery
  • Union Suppo Battery Company
  • Walsin
  • Yi Yang Corun Battery Co. Ltd

BASF licensees, through its Ovonic battery materials affiliate, receive a certificate of good standing which distinguishes them as an authorized manufacturer of NiMH.

Precursors for cathode materials

The patents available for license include Ni containing mixed metal hydroxide, which can also be the cathode material for NiMH batteries.


  • Freeport Cobalt