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With more than 100 years of experience in recycling materials, BASF’s end-to-end recycling program is known and trusted around the globe. Find the latest news and media information for BASF’s Catalysts division, headquartered in Iselin, New Jersey, USA, the world’s leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts.

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StyroStar® S6-62

StyroStar® S6-62 is designed for the dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene in particular for medium and high s/o ratio conditions.

Its outstanding features include excellent activity, selectivity, and mechanical strength. Like its proven predecessor, Catalyst S6-60, the new S6-62 is a robust and durable catalyst, combining excellent mechanical properties with an exceptionally low monthly decline rate. Compared to FlexiCat Gold-2 and FlexiCat Select 2, StyroStar® S6-62 has a significantly higher catalyst activity and is the catalyst of choice for long runs with excellent selectivity.

About Us

BASF's Catalysts division is the world's leading supplier of environmental and process catalysts. The group offers exceptional expertise in the development of technologies that protect the air we breathe, produce the fuels that power our world and ensure efficient production of a wide variety of chemicals, plastics and other products, including advanced battery materials. By leveraging our industry-leading R&D platforms, passion for innovation and deep knowledge of precious and base metals, BASF's Catalysts division develops unique, proprietary solutions that drive customer success.